Below you will find all the information about booking a shoot with me. Please read everything thoroughly before using the form to contact me. Once you’ve chosen a package and a date, non-refundable deposits will secure that date for you.  


To book, simply read this page and get back to me to pick a date. you can email me at When contacting me about a booking, please copy the questions at the bottom of the page into your message and answer them with as much detail as you can. To decide which package is best suited to you, please view my rates page for detailed package info. To secure your preferred date a deposit is required. (see info on rates page)


I regularly work with an incredible local makeup artist called MsMoo Makeup, if you would like to hire her for your photoshoot, please let me know as soon as you can so I can contact her about possible dates for your shoot. 


Chaperones are welcome on my shoots. Please bare in mind that we will be working on location, they’re welcome to either wait in their car, or walk around our location with us. I only ask that they don’t cause any distraction while we’re working. If you are booking a studio shoot, please bare in mind these take place in my home, chaperones are still welcome but I work in a small space and I ask that anyone chaperoning you does not disturb us while shooting. 

Chaperones for models under 18 are mandatory, please bring someone 18+ with you (most bring their Mommas!)


Driving: I work from a home studio in Chilwell, Nottingham. The full address will be provided on your invoice. If you have chosen a location for your shoot, we will meet you there. 

Train: Beeston train station is the closest station to us, its one stop before/after Nottingham, depending on where youre travelling from. If this is your mode of transport, then we will always offer to pick you up from the station. If you'd prefer to make your own way, we're a 5-10 minute taxi journey away from the station, or you can walk into beeston centre and jump on a bus or tram to get to us. Please make sure you let us know exactly when you arrive. If you’re struggling to find the correct station, please contact me. 


A 1 hour studio booking will allow for 1-2 looks, and a 2 hour booking for 2-4 looks. I recommend bringing a selection of outfits for your shoot to make the most of our allotted time. Once a deposit has been paid, you can contact me via Instagram to discuss your idea or concept. If you do not have one, we can come up with something together. Please make sure to let me know what style of clothing you plan to bring so I can choose a fitting backdrop colour to start with. 

Location shoots: Please bring comfortable shoes for walking around the location, as well as an umbrella, and a coat\hoodie just in case, we can’t control the weather but we can prepare for it.  You can see examples of my location work here for inspiration on outfits and accessories to bring. I cannot supply any corsets or other handmade items. 


All deposits displayed are non-refundable in the event of cancellation on your behalf. 
If you have to postpone your photoshoot, a £15 charge applies to secure a new date.


Before your shoot, I recommend washing and styling your hair, as well as applying your own makeup before arriving, if you havent booked MsMoo. please apply any fake tan 2-3 days before your shoot. I work with coconut oil and this can make fake tan run.

Before your shoot, I recommend washing and styling your hair, as well as applying your own makeup before arriving, if you havent booked MsMoo. please apply any fake tan 2-3 days before your shoot. I work with coconut oil and this can make fake tan run.


I will contact you within 3 working days with a selection of contact sheets of all viable images from our shoot. Each package comes with a standard amount of edits included, if you decide to go with more, each additional edit is £25, with discounts for 10 or more. 
Depending on how many images you’ve chosen expect your images to be done one by one within roughly 4 weeks from the date that you selected your chosen images. I use dropbox to share my files, so be sure to let me know your current email address, you will get an email whenever a new image has been added to the box. 

Please note that I do not release unedited photos from shoots. You will only receive your chosen edited images.


This section is really important, so please read carefully!


Images produced from client shoots are for social and portfolio use only, unless you are booking for a product shoot. This means you can post them on any social media platform, or use in your modeling portfolio providing the below terms are followed.

If you would like to use an image for flyers/banners or listing/business use, please see my rates here, under "usage rates". any images used outside of the usage terms agreed will result in an invoice for unpaid usage fees. this includes using any of my images with the intent of selling a product or tickets to an event.

 when posting your images online please:

-Upload/Save your images DIRECTLY from Dropbox for best quality!

- Dont crop any images! Please use a secondary app for Instagram and add borders to portrait images. (NoCrop, layout etc.)

-Dont add any filters.

 -Credit and Tag myself and all other participants from the shoot! (This means text and tag, credit list must be in posts caption, ask for my handles if you don't have them already, I use Instagram and Facebook, as well as this website)

-Please send this page to any designers who may wish to use our images! (if you're a designer who hasn't received any images yet, please get in touch with me before uploading from apps, so i can supply high res files!)

If these terms are not followed, i will ask you to rectify the issue, if ignored and/or repeated i will retract any and all permissions for you to use any images from that shoot again, and discontinue any editing.

if you have read and agree to all of the above terms, please give me your written acknowledgement when booking your shoot.


copy these questions into the contact form below and fill them out. If I have space for your concept I will contact you within 5 working days to discuss it further. if you have any questions please contact me. 

- how many hours:

- location or studio: 

- how many edits (only answer if you have a set amount that you know you want, many decide to purchase more after their shoot):

- can you travel to Nottinghamshire or would you prefer I travel to you? (Location shoots only):

- if you would like me to travel to you, where would that be?:

- will you be using the images for personal or business (advertising/business graphics) use?: 

Would you prefer a weekday or weekend? (Weekend rates will vary for the 1 hour deal)

- Do you have a style or concept you would like to try? (Coloured lighting, dark and mysterious, high fashion etc.) 

- heavy or minimal skin editing (most examples of my work are heavily edited, please use this question to tell me of any scars, marks or features you do or don’t want editing out of your images):